The Problem with Millennials... Is There Really One?

It always fascinates me when people say Millennials are entitled, narcissistic, lazy, emotional, blah... blah... blah! It seems as if the problems of the future are unsolvable due to the way in which people classify Millennials.

The funny thing is... Millennials, currently, are the ones grabbing the bulls by the horns and saying.. I'm GOING to find a SOLUTION to X, but I'm going to do it MY WAY!

I myself am a Xennial!! LOL... (Coin'd it)! I fall in that debated gap between Gen-Xer's and Millennials. Oh, you don't know what that gap is? Well its that space between 1980 - 1983, where researchers can't come to a consensus where one gen ends and the other gen begins. The space where you identify with with both traits, but one is more dominant than the other! That Gap.... The Xennials! Sounds like a new Marvel super group!

But for real, I look at the criticism and often think to myself... didn't the Gen-Xer's get the same from the Baby Boomers? Even worse aren't we all looking at Gen-Z's like WTF?

I think before we point fingers we have to take a step back and look at how we influence the behaviors of the next generation. It is in that moment we begin to realize that how we raise the future leaders of the world determines how they will respond when thrown into the real world!

I offer up an example in a contributing article written by AARON ORENDORFF for MASHABLE, (view it here: ). In it, he states the problem isn't with the Millennials, it's the way in which others lead them. He gives these five points:

1. Raise the bar

2. Cultivate a Common Passion

3. Give Up Control

4. Bring Work & Play Together

5. Help Them Plan for Whats Next

So if you're a millennial.. keep pushing and change the world. If your'e not a millennial... offer up some support, why, because I'm pretty sure you received your fair amount when you were our age. Lastly if you're a Xennial.... suit up... It's Go Time!

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