Creating for Millennials

This video made me laugh so hard! For our startup GRASPIE™ we are a group of millennials embarking on a journey to create the next training platform for US! Truthfully I refer to myself as a "Xennial" as I am in that confusing gap of 1980-1982 where we have huge traits for both Gen X'ers/Millennials. What stuck out the most for me about this video is that while it pokes fun at those who try to market to Millennials, it also shows the huge disconnect in the basic and fundamental principle of listening. Whenever you want to market to a particular group listen to them, not just 5, or 20, but 100's of them. This is how brands such as Snapchat, Inc. and Instagram continue to win over the masses. Watch the video and comment below.... whether you're a Boomer, X'er, Millennial, Z or like me a "Xennial" I think you would enjoy. Let me know you thoughts!

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