Millennial Engagement - Include Them!

Everything we do here at GRASPIE revolves around millennial engagement. Why? Well, because that who we are and more importantly that's part of the client piece we aim to serve.

It baffles me that businesses are still oblivious to solving their millennial employees engagement problem. While some may have a feeling of entitlement, most just want to learn and grow personally and professionally. To do that, try and relate to how we do everything else, if that fails, INCLUDE US!

A recent Forbes article by Greg Petro outlines perfectly what businesses should be doing. In his article there was a comment from a millennial that resonates with me:

“Focus on making an excellent product. If you do so, then all of your marketing will be true and most of the marketing will be done by us. We are all looking for great products and brands to share with our friends. The best way to help us spread the word is by first creating a great product.”

While we here at GRASPIE are building the next best platform for learning, we are also keeping our ears to the ground on what employers AND their millennials employees want. Think about it, a platform that not only employers love to use but their employees love to engage in. One that they can now say, "Hey, at my job we have this awesome platform to learn from..." .

Word travels fast!

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