Here's How GRASPIE™ is Evolving Corporate Training 

3 Reasons to Choose GRASPIE™

1) Facilitates employee training. 

2) Adapts to changing workplace environments.

3) Built with users in mind.


Effortlessly Create

Engaging content. Make grasps for employees to train on the go. Make quizzes to asses them on content you write.

Mobile Access

To content anywhere through your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the "GRASPIE" app from the app store or Google Play Store and log in.

  GRASPIE is a mobile-first learning and engagement platform that helps Engage, Train, and Rewards your millennial employee. GRASPIE™ smartphone and tablet. It allows users, whether business or consumer, to consume, and curate dynamically designed content, similar to powerful social apps used today, through a stunning platform using state of the art tools that engage. Whether designing the training on how to prep apple pies, or on-boarding your team for the start of a new holiday shopping season, GRASPIE will help you to Engage, Train and Reward your employee.

GRASPIE allows you to consume dynamically designed micro-burst learning content available at your fingertips. With GRASPIE, there are no limits to what you can create for your employee to learn, and with our mobile only consumption platform, you truly can learn anything, anytime, anywhere. Trust us,   you've never seen mobile learning quite like this. 

GRASPIE feels you shouldn't have to struggle to receive and read analytics. Employers want specific details in a simple manner to report. We Give You Just That! We start out with basic analytics that you need, have they completed it, did they take the assessment, average score, etc. From there you can add on the feature you like all at the push of a button. It can get no simpler than that. We don't want you to miss a beat! 

GRASPIE™ knows, whether on the bus, at a park, in a coffee shop, standing in line, or even during private time on a porcelain throne, learning happens anywhere. We don't want you to miss a beat! With GRASPIE, consume learning content anywhere and everywhere. We are truly ushering in a new age of learning. Harnessing the power and capability of mobile apps we are on a course to help everyone learn better. We know not everyone has the time to sit behind a computer and take courses, training or learn hours of information. You're on the go, and you want it at the drop of a dime and your learning should give you just that! GRASPIE is mobile learning in every sense! 

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Learning & Engagement


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