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What is GRASPIE™?

GRASPIE™ is a mobile-first learning and engagement platform, allowing businesses to train and engaged the new workforce! These new workers: Xennials, Millennials and now Generation Z’s are taking over the workforce in droves and armed with mobile devices as their go-to learning option! Now is the time for businesses to engage this workforce in a way they will LOVE, via smartphones and tablets!


Say goodbye to the clunky Learn Management Systems with mandatory scorm compliances, and Hello to a fully mobile experience with beautifully designed content that your employees will love and so much more!



Easy to Adopt & Deploy

With no need for old and bulky LMS’s, mobile learning on GRASPIE™ is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Interactive Web Portal

Employer can design content, track employee’s engagement, and view data.

Air Tight Security

You value you your privacy, and we do too. Your content will be safely stored and easily accessible for all your employees.

Hassle Free

Just log into the mobile app and begin learning, easy peasy!

No Hidden Charges

Free App Download to begin consuming learning content

24/7 Support

We know learning doesn’t always take place on the job, so we’re here to whenever you’re ready.

Built with Love

GRASPIE™ was designed by millennials with the help of experts in human resources and training development.



“It was great working with the Graspie team to get the Grasp for my company. They were able to formulate a beautiful design incorporating my company's vision, yet also partnering it with some great company training tools and videos. With a worlds constant use of apps, it made the boarding process that much easier and is a great welcome tool for new hires” 

—  Davielle Jackson

     Founder and President of Femi Secrets


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